Myths of Blackjack You Haven't Known About

We've collected a list of myths you have to know about and avoid in every your game. You might thought some of them are true because you've heard of them. Be careful.

Myths of Blackjack

Here is a list of the most wide-spread myths about Blackjack game.

  • Counting systems are illegal
  • Dealer has a 10 in the hole
  • Bad players decrease your chances
  • Cards order is unknown
  • Insurance is a must
  • The score is to get 21
  • Stand on 18


You can think that counting cards systems are illegal and you can be caught for using them. That's a false statement. Card counting is legal, so learn it and play well.

You also could hear that bad players decrease your chances, when they move incorrectly. Don't pay attention. You play against the dealer, not the players.

Another myth is about dealer's hole card. Many gamblers make a mistake when assume this. Forget about it and simply Play!

The myth about cards' order many players invent to blame other players when they lose.

Now, what about insurance? Do you really think you should take it every time you see the dealer's open card is an Ace? It's a trap, never take insurance. Play as it never happened.

The score of the game never was to achieve 21 points. The main score of Blackjack is to beat the dealer!

To stand on 18 is a good maneuver only when dealer's cards are 2 or 7. Otherwise, double down to improve your position when the dealer is going to bust.


So, have you changed your mind already about these myths you were sure about that they are true? Just forget about your experience in blackjack which caused you to think about all these false statements! If you definitely decided to win at Blackjack card game, then always separate false myths from truths we've told you about.