Discover the Counting Cards' Blackjack Methods!

Now that you've already known how to deal with Blackjack and what are the score of the game you'd like to win, let's examine one of the important strategies in Blackjack - card counting strategy! The counting cards blackjack methods are popular among the gamblers due to its simplicity and reasonableness. However, the counting cards' blackjack strategies are legal.

The Concept of Counting Systems

If you are new to the game, you might think that the concept of the counting method is to remember every card that was in use during the game. Well, that's not true and in fact it would be hard to ménage to memorize all the cards in 8 decks.. When talking of counting cards' blackjack strategies we mean the counting in mind of assigned cards' values, either high and low.

When during the game you've noticed that almost all the low cards have been played, then there is a probability of receiving high cards in the next moves. You may ask what values must be assigned to the cards and how to keep the track of them? That's not easy, although it's realizable. If you practice a lot - you can easily learn the counting cards blackjack strategy.

Card Counting

All the high cards which are: Aces and 10s are counted as -1 point. Low cards from 2 to 7 are assigned a +1 value. Cards from 8 to 9 are neutral. You start the game counting from zero. When one of the high cards is dealt you subtract 1. When the low card is played you simply add 1.

The main idea of counting cards blackjack system is to recognize when the deck's subtotal reaches more low cards. That's the sign that your bet must be minimized. And on the contrary.

High/Low counting system is a basic one in Blackjack. Above we've told you about its rules. Remember, that dealer is fast enough so practice a lot. If you'll cope with High/Low system, you win the house just at once. So, bet correctly and good luck to you!